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Please see details on official U.S. government websites:

For an official determination of your situation, please prepare your documents and make an official application, for which you will be charged statutory fees, well in advance of your desired travel. The applicant bears full and sole responsibility for his/her application and any desired benefit.



How much does it cost for a passport (Form DS11 or Form DS82), report of birth (Form DS-2029) or notarial?

Please visit for current passport fees and for current notarial fees. The website contains information on which passport application you may use.  All consular fees are set by law. Fees are payable only in Indonesian Rupiah cash equivalent or American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Master Card, and Visa credit cards. We cannot accept USD cash.

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Can I pick up my completed passport?

Yes, you or your designated representative with your approval noted to us at the time of your application.  We will also return a completed passport or CRBA by prepaid courier mailer, please bring it with you.  Pick up times are Monday to Friday, 2:30 pm to 3:15 pm, U.S. and Indonesian holidays excluded.

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I am a dual U.S. and Indonesian citizen and I don't have time to get a U.S. passport. May I enter the U.S. with my travel document showing my Indonesian (or other) citizenship?

No, U.S. requires U.S. citizens to enter and depart the U.S. documented as U.S. citizens.  We cannot issue a visa to a person with a claim to U.S. citizenship.  Improperly documented U.S. citizens may be barred or delayed considerably at a port of entry.

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Same question on dual nationality, is it okay to travel outside of the U.S. on my other passport?

While the U.S. does not prohibit dual nationality, Americans must comply with U.S. laws (e.g. federal and state taxes, selective service, and foreign assets control) regardless of their location.  Thus, a dual citizen who travels to Cuba on another passport, may violate U.S. law and be subject to criminal or civil penalties.

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When must I have a passport to enter the U.S.?

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) requires all travelers, U.S. citizens and others, to hold a valid passport or other approved travel document effective January 23, 2007 for air entry, and on a future date to be determined, between January 2008 and July 2009, for air and water entry.  There are no exceptions based on age, citizenship or religious belief.  Please see for details.  Effective by July 1, 2009, all travelers, without exception, must hold a valid passport or other approved travel document for all air, land and water entry.

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How do I contact you? Your phones are always busy.

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to offer comprehensive telephone information, plus serve our customers who come to us for a service and perform required back office functions. Our switchboard operator has no passport, consular or visa information.  Please start your information search at or

After you have looked at the websites you may e-mail for information on U.S. passports and citizenship matters to To report the death or arrest of a U.S. citizen, or the loss of a U.S. passport, call 62-21 3435-9050/9055 during normal work days.  For afterhours and on holidays, call 62-21 3435-9000 and ask for the duty officer.  We do not answer visa inquiries.

Please send mail inquiries on passport and citizenship matters to:  U.S. EMBASSY JAKARTA/CONS/ACS, followed by either: 5 Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta 10110 INDONESIA, or FPO AP 96520 USA.

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I lost my U.S. passport and I need to travel soon. What do I do?

Please see for general procedures to be followed to replace a lost or stolen U.S. passport.  We process lost or stolen passports only during normal work hours, without an appointment.  Please understand that the loss or theft of a passport does not waive any requirements.  Before you come to our office please get a police report of your loss or theft, and evidence of both your identity and U.S. citizenship from home, faxed or emailed to you.  We have no access to that information.  

On the next workday please bring here: the police report, evidence of your identity and U.S. citizenship, applications from the website (DS-11 and DS-64), notarized consent from parents of any applicant under 16, 2 passport photos and money. It takes about 10 working days to obtain a first time or replacement U.S. passport in Jakarta. The loss or theft of a passport, and your impending travel plans, do not waive the requirements of U.S. law.  If you are without a valid passport, or if it takes you longer to assemble required documents, you should be prepared to alter your travel plans and incur additional costs.  We cannot issue passports outside of working hours.

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Can you take my fingerprints?

We take inkless fingerprints for Department of State nonimmigrant and immigrant visa applications only.  We have no fingerprint cards, instructions or equipment available to take fingerprints for any other purpose, e.g. naturalization, adoptions, security clearances, licensing, or for any other federal, state or local government purpose.  Please make your own arrangements to obtain such fingerprints from a competent police agency of your choice that agrees to do so and is satisfactory to the fingerprint requestor. 

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I want to go mountain climbing in Papua.  What do I need to know?

U.S. citizens interested in hiking on Puncak Jaya (also known as Carstensz Pyramid) or other mountains in Papua should ensure that they organize their trip through a reputable tour operator and ensure they have firm, realistic plans and backup plans for climbing the mountain.  Travel insurance which includes evacuation and repatriation services should also be obtained. However, any rescue attempt could be hampered by a shortage of high-altitude-capable helicopters and heavy fog which often shrouds the area and makes flying impossible.

In the past, some local tour operators have abandoned climbers after they reached the summit.  Climbers should be aware that transiting via private properties to or from the mountain is considered trespassing and is not a safe or legal alternative. These private property owners, including owners of mining operations, are not able to offer rescue services given the terms of their contracts with the Indonesian government.

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How do I register with the Embassy to receive emergency messages and SMS alerts?

You may receive embassy emergency messages shall you Register Online.  If you register, we can easily contact you in an emergency. Your information is protected by the Privacy Act.

You may sign up to receive SMS EMERGENCY MESSAGES on your cell phone:

  1.  Compose an SMS on your cell phone utilizing the following format:  REG<space>ALRT<space>LASTNAME#FIRSTNAME, e.g. REG ALRT BROWN#DAVID
  2. Send to 9388 from your cell phone;
  3. Each subscriber will receive a SMS confirmation of registration.

You will be charged RP1000 per SMS EMERGENCY MESSAGES.  SMS alerts are sent only during critical and emergency situations.

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What is a birth certificate for U.S. consular (passport and visa) purposes?

Primary evidence of birth is a birth certificate that shows the full name of the applicant, the applicant's place and date of birth, the full name of the parent(s); and is signed by the official custodian of birth records, bears the seal of the issuing office, and shows a filing date within one year of the date of birth.

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What about teaching English in Indonesia?

U.S. citizens who would like to teach English in Indonesia are urged to carefully review employment contracts before they travel to Indonesia. Most contracts include a monetary penalty for early termination. Individuals should be aware that English schools may hold passports to ensure that the employee complies with the terms of the contract or pays the appropriate penalty.  Some Americans who terminated their employment contracts early could not depart Indonesia because their employer would not release their passports.  We cannot intervene in private contractual disputes, please see

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What happens if I overstay my visa in Indonesia?

Indonesia strictly enforces its immigration/visa requirements.  Travelers who overstay visas on arrival are subject to a fine of U.S. $20 per day and other sanctions.  Westerners, including Americans, have been jailed for visa violations and/or overstays.  Violators may also be subject to substantial fines and/or deportation from Indonesia for immigration and visa violations.  Immigration officials have also detained foreigners for conducting business, academic or other non-tourist activities while on visitor status.  Volunteer work with local or international NGOs is not permitted while on visitor status. Penalties for such immigration/visa violations have included a prison sentence of up to 5 years and a fine of Rupiah 25 million.  Travelers are encouraged to contact an Indonesian consular office to determine the appropriate visa category before traveling to Indonesia.  Please see 

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